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Consulting in accessible planning and building design

In recent years we see an increase in awareness to the need for inclusion of people with various difficulties in society and enable them to use all available facilities and services. This trend is backed up with laws and regulations defining the accessibility needs of each type of site or building.
The Access Unlimited professional staff is certified consultants and provides accessibility consulting for the physical aspects as well as the accessibility of the services provided in the facility.
Consulting is provided in all stages, from the planning stage through populating the facility and adaptation of the services to people with different needs.
The earlier the consultant is involved in the planning of a new facility or renovation of an existing facility, the possibility of economizing the expenses significantly, increases.
Most of the accessibility requirements do not implicate special expenses as long as they are counted for and included in the plans initially. Understanding the reason behind the requirement, will enhance integration of accessibility issues as an integral part of the architectural and budget plans and will avoid errors and save time.
Consulting is designated for project initiators facility's owners, and various professionals:

  • Professionals in the field of planning and building such as architects and engineers firms, project initiators for example in the tourism industry
  • Public, governmental and local authorities, universities etc.
  • Private organizations such as initiators and owners of shopping centers, enterprises, businesses, office buildings, hotels and accommodations, restaurants, attractions and private people and homes.
Access Unlimited consulting service is based on the Israeli laws of equal opportunities for people with disabilities and the building codes which were officially validated in Aug. 2009.

The accumulated experience of the staff enables us to take into consideration the needs of the elderly and people with various disabilities which are not expressed in the regulations. For example in a health service facility which has a laboratory, or treatment room, the location of the restroom or the dressing room in relation to the laboratory is important. However the regulation relate to the accessibility and the specifications of the restroom but not its specific location.
Consulting provided by Access Unlimited consists on three major steps:
  1. Data collection and documentation
    • in a new building the building plans will be studied in order to identify spots functional problem with regard to the service provided in the building or the spots where the plan does not comply with the regulations
    • In an existing facility, in addition to studying the plans The building will be visited together with the owner/planner.
    • Documentation will be in form of report and photographs
  2. Data analysis and recommendations
    • Data will be coded into the Access Unlimited data analysis system
    • Recommendations will be given to the maximal improvement of the buildings' accessibility
  3. Follow up
    • Recommendations will be given regarding priorities in carrying out the work to improve accessibility
    • Evaluate the possible cost for carrying out the recommendations, will be done by an accessibility expert architect.
    • Follow up visits at the site in order to help solve problems which rouse unexpectedly.

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