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Carta guide of national parks: Presentation description

Carta Guide to Nature Reserves and National Parks, Israel, 2003 (In Hebrew)

imgPirsumCarta Introducing accessibility grades of sites in a guide which caters to the general population can increase the number of readers and improve the experience of using the guide for many people. It is also important to remember that there are people with mobility impairments or sensory impairments in almost any tour group. Elderly people recovering from illness, pregnant women, as well as family members who have suffered an injury and has a temporary disability, need convenient access ways in order to enjoy a facility.

The integrated access grades in the Carta guide are not particularly prominent, and people who do not need this information may not even notice it is there.

The Access Unlimited team is able to produce accurate and consistent accessibility grades by using the unique information system we have developed. A person with a disability can rely on this information and know what to expect prior to his visit to a site

The following example presents the features available at a site, using symbols.
At this site – Harod Spring -- one can enjoy swimming facilities, a restaurant, observation point etc. In addition, basic access information is presented. A wheelchair user can find out that most of the site is accessible to him. The parking lot, the swimming pool and the restaurant are all accessible; however, it is also brought to his attention that the rest room is only partially adapted for wheelchair users. imgPirsumCarta

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