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City Map of Natanya: Presentation description

Survey of Israel , Agency for geology, cadastre, mapping & geographic information. Netanya City Map 1:12,500, 2004.

imgPirsumCityMap Tourists use city maps as a basic and convenient tool for orientation. Including access information on such maps increases the exposure to the access conditions of the city's public facilities and ensures that those who need this information can obtain it without additional effort.
The following figure displays part of the reverse side of the map. Next to each listed public facility you can see the coordinates indicating the location of the facility on the map. The level of accessibility for each type of disability is shown next to the coordinates. (The legend is displayed on the right.)

The first column has a wheelchair symbol. The numbers in this column indicate the level of accessibility of the specific facility for wheelchair users. Similarly the numbers in the column headed with an eye symbol indicate the accessibility level for the visually impaired.

For example, the municipality building is accessible for wheelchair users, although not all details fully comply with the standards. However, this building does not at all comply with the accessibility standards for the visually or hearing impaired.

The notation is simple and easy to use, although it comprised of an overall weighted grade on the basis of many details. The grades are calculated by mathematical equations of the Access Unlimited unique decision support and grading system , and therefore are consistent and objective. This means that a person who can manage in one building graded 3 will be able to use all buildings with the same grade.


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