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"Accessible Country" magazine: Presentation description

Accessible Country (In Hebrew), Governmental Advertising Bureau, Lishar Press LTD. Ministry of Tourism with Government Tourism Corporation, National Insurance Institute by the Foundation for Development of Services for Disabled, May 2005, 2nd issue, Dec. 2007

imgPirsumEretzNeguisha Tours catering for people with disabilities are useful also for the elderly, mothers with baby strollers, and someone with a broken leg or other temporary disability. It is important to plan the tour from its starting point all the way through to the end, in order to avoid a situation where some of the participants will have difficulties continuing at any particular point.
In the following example a tour for all is presented. Next to the general tour description, the accessibility conditions of each site mentioned in the itinerary is summarized in a table.

imgPirsumEretzNeguisha Each column is headed by a type of disability symbol in red, and a number under it, representing the overall level of accessibly of the site for the specific disability.
This example shows that the Achziv National Park is only partially accessible for wheelchair users, while there are no special arrangements available for visually or hearing impaired. The accessibility for mobility-impaired people at the most important facilities in the park is marked under the symbols in green for each specific facility. In this case the parking is marked with a V, meaning “accessible”, while the rest room is only partially accessible.

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