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Jerusalem Panoramic Audio Tour

Tour-Man, Self Guided Audio Tour, Jerusalem Panoramic Audio Tour.

imgPirsumTatzpiotJlm The Jerusalem Panoramic Audio Tour is an audio CD and a printed map of a scenic tour of Jerusalem's most breathtaking lookout points.

By following the map and listening to the CD, one can tour at his own pace without the need for a tour guide.
The tour is suitable for the entire family.

Each track on the CD is indicated on the map. Upon arrival at each station one can listen to the explanation. A tailored trip to one's own convenience can be achieved by skipping between the tracks. The total tour duration is about 8 hours.
The CD includes 56 minutes of vocal explanations in 15 sound tracks and a folder with 15 MP3 files.

imgPirsumTatzpiotJlm The enclosed map contains numbers which correspond to each track number on the CD to obtain the explanation about the specific view point.

The CD was produced by Tour-Man com. Access Unlimited surveyed the sites and an accessible tour was created through consultation and cooperation between the two groups.

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