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The Professional Staff

  • Judith Bendel, PhD - Director

    Dr. Bendel is one of the founders of Access Unlimited. Her doctoral research was carried out in the field of special education and rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She is one of the leading professionals in the field of accessibility and is a certified accessibility expert.

    Dr. Bendel specializes in building databases, and has many years of experience in accessibility surveys and projects focused on design for all.

    She created and maintains a worldwide unique audit tool, grading and decision support system for evaluating accessibility of facilities. Her experience includes building several databases on accessibility and various services for people with disabilities in Israel. Dr. Bendel carried out hundreds of accessibility audits for governmental, public and private organizations.

    In addition, Dr. Bendel is actively involved in the international developments in the field. She is a member of two international organizations: EuCan, and Observatory.

    She lectures at professional conferences in Israel and abroad, and publishes articles regarding data analysis and accessibility information system, as well as in the field of tourism for people with disabilities.

    Dr. Bendel teaches many of the courses in Israel for architects and other academic institutes, which in which professionals receive certification for design for all as well as accessibility services.

  • Jean-Pierre Bendel, PhD - Web Master

    Jean-Pierre received his Ph.D in Public Administration from Carnegie-Mellon University and a certificate of Computer Systems Analyst in Israel. Worked extensively on information systems in the Israeli Police. Presently is responsible for the internet site of "Access unlimited".

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