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Research, Development and International Presence

At Access Unlimited, we believe that innovation alone can achieve global progress in the field of accessibility.
The academic qualifications and our highly trained and experienced staff set us several steps ahead of others in this field.
From their years of experience has come a unique system that provides information and decision-making support - a major breakthrough in the standardization and automation of data collection and analysis.
Enormously successful, this system has won international plaudits and made Access Unlimited a world leader in accessibility.

We also believe that accessibility issues must become an integral part of planning processes.
To that end, we are constantly developing more accurate and reliable products which can be used internationally, simply and efficiently, with every designer's standard professional tools.
Our information system, which supports decision-making and grading level of accessibility, and our active research program, as well as our academic publications and international presence, ensure that Access Unlimited will continue to be a driving force on behalf of accessibility worldwide.

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