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Accessibility Survey and Audit

Accessibility Audit Background

A requirement to conduct an accessibility audit is an important step towards the integration into society of people with physical and sensory disabilities. Ordering a survey indicates social involvement of the organization as well as awareness of the need to treat all people equally and respectfully.

Carrying out an audit enables the organization, institute or business to test its own level of physical accessibility as well as the accessibility of the service it provides, and so learn about which improvements are still needed.

Often the physical and organizational foundations are good, but relatively minor details were overlooked, therefore the level of accessibility for some people is impaired. For example, an adapted rest room may lack handgrips by the toilet seat, making it difficult or impossible for mobility-impaired people, including many elderly persons, to use the facility.

Accurate identification of the existing structure as well as awareness of the needs of people with disabilities will make it possible to make the changes for minimum cost.

The main goals of the accessibility audit are:

  • To receive accurate and updated information about the physical accessibility of the facility, as well as the services provided for people with physical, sensory and mental disabilities.
  • To analyze the adjustments needed and prioritize their implementation in order to achieve the best possible level of accessibility.
  • Provide professional tools for planning and adjusting the facility.

NOTE: Performing a comprehensive accessibility audit at an early stage -- prior to implementation -- enables managing and proper planning of the work as well as the budget, to avoid costly mistakes.

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Performing accessibility audit

The Access Unlimited team has carried out audits by professional surveyors trained and guided specifically for this task for more than 20 years. The data analysis is done by the Access Unlimitedprofessional staff that has a wide range of expertise.

Stages of Implementation:

  • Defining the objectives of the audit and its requirements with the cooperation of the facility owner or representative
  • Initial inspection of the facility
  • Developing the data collection instrument in accordance with the objectives of the audit, the type of facility and the relevant organization
  • Collection of data on the premises by professional surveyors
  • Analysis of data
  • Preparation of report to describe findings and make recommendations.

Numerous elements in building are taken into consideration when determining the use and the mobility within a facility. In order to achieve the best possible accessibility, each element must be examined individually, in addition to being considered in a sum total value with all elements.

Access Unlimited assesses all elements of a building that may cause difficulty.

The primary elements studied are:

  • parking lot and access to the building
  • main access path from public transportation to the building
  • main pedestrian axis (open spaces)
  • building entrances
  • vertical and horizontal routes between floors and mid-levels
  • Public rest rooms
  • Accessibility to the main function spaces of the building (Accommodations, classrooms, laboratories, auditorium, offices, swimming pool, etc.)
  • Food services and drinking facilities
  • Special aid accessories (for mobility, visually-impaired and hearing-impaired people)

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Data analysis

Access Unlimited has developed a unique data collection and data analysis system to analyze access information for buildings and open spaces in an objective and uniform way.

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Reports and recommendations

When the audit is completed, a detailed report describing the findings of the accessibility audit and the facility’s accessibility status is provided. Recommendations are included in the report.

All recommendations are detailed in accordance with the official accessibility requirements under the current laws.
The scope of detail presented in the report is coordinated with the facility's representative.

Our unique information system enables us to provide the report as an integral part of the audit:

  • The report summarizes and corresponds to all accessibility problems found
  • A separate report is provided for each building when there are several buildings on the premises of the facility.
  • Access Unlimited provides various types of reports upon request, ranging from information for the visitor through reports to assist decision makers, planners and architects. Informational reports that may be presented on maps, statistical reports etc. can be provided as well.

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