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Accessibility survey and Audit

An accessibility audit is the study that is conducted to evaluate the condition and accessibility of a building or site.
An audit makes it possible to estimate the type of changes that are needed, how feasible they are, their cost and their priorities for implementation. Therefore, recommendations for improvements to make a building accessible to all users are based on such an audit.

Carrying out an accessibility audit is the first step to implementing the law of equal rights for people with disabilities – a law aimed at enhancing the integration into society of elderly and people with disabilities.

A detailed work plan and architectural plans can be made upon completion of the accessibility audit.

The Access Unlimited team specializes in auditing of all types of facilities, public and private buildings, open spaces, tourist and recreation sites etc.

Our audits are carried out by professional surveyors. The information gathered is analyzed using the unique decision support system which facilitates an accurate description of each element in various segmentations. Detailed reports are provided which include information on the required changes and/or information needed for the public.

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