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Accessibility Survey Examples

Survey of a site that streches over many buildings and outdoor spaces: The Ruppin Academic Center

The Ruppin Academic Center operates 3 main schools: The School of Social Sciences and Management, the School of Engineering and the School of Marine Sciences. The message of the Center leaders is not only to equip students with standard educational content, rather to train a generation of morally conscientious leaders who have a social mission and are environmentally aware.
The Ruppin Academic Center is a green campus – part of a world view that includes social involvement for the benefit of the community and of the environment in which we live.

As part of the social mission the Ruppin Academic Center carried out an accessibility survey as a first step to implementing the law of equal rights for people with disabilities. The Access Unlimited team was chosen to audited the entire campus to evaluate its condition and accessibility. The survey included 22 buildings as well as all the open spaces.

A survey in a campus such as the Ruppin Academic Center, is special because it includes a wide variety of spaces used for various purposes such as; classrooms, computer laboratories, offices, cafeterias, libraries and more. Special attention was given to various details in each type of space depending on its use as well as the specific requirements of the law for the types of facility.
The information gathered was analyzed using the unique decision support system of Access Unlimited. Detailed finding results and recommendations for improvements were given to each building and open spaces separately to facilitate easy identification of the location of the problem. These reports are used to estimate the cost and the priorities for implementation to make the campus accessible to all users.

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Hotel accessibility audits - Atlas Hotels

The Atlas Hotels group is a leading boutique hotel chain. Each hotel in Israel is characterized by a distinctive design. For example, the Cinema Hotel, located in a Bauhaus-style building that originally served as a movie theater, has been thoroughly renovated and turned into a stylish Tel Aviv hotel which features old-fashioned movie projectors, cinema posters and theater chairs.

The Atlas Hotel group puts emphasis on providing quality and innovative service as well as giving special attention to the hotel's guests. The group's vision is to improve the service offered to all visitors as well as to provide reliable access information to people with special needs in accordance with Israeli law.

Cooperation with Access Unlimited was a natural outcome of the Atlas Hotel's ambition to be creative and innovative. The Access Unlimited team conducted an accessibility audit in all of the chain's hotels and included the information in the comprehensive data base on accessible tourist sites in Israel.

The information gathered was analyzed using the unique decision support system of Access Unlimited. Detailed findings were presented along side the corresponding clause in the National Accessibility Guideline indicating the item that needed upgrading. Recommendations for improvements were given to each hotel separately to facilitate easy identification of the location of the problem. These reports are now being used in planning renovations to upgrade the hotels' accessibility to all users. img Atlas Hotels

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City planning – The Tel Aviv Municipality

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality positions itself as accessible for all. This strategy is expressed in a variety of domains. As part of the effort to make the city a place where all feel at ease, it establishes bike routes, improves the cleanliness of the city, supports sports and culture facilities, recognizes the needs and cares for of the various communities that live in the city.
Urban planning refers also to accessibility for people with disabilities. The municipality urges business owners to upgrade their business to accommodate all including people with disabilities. Meanwhile, acts to improve the accessibility in public facilities as well as in the open spaces.
In order to evaluate the extent of the changes required and estimate the renovation costs to make the city accessible, an accessibility survey was planed. The survey consists of a sample of all types of existing public spaces; office buildings, community centers, public gardens, conference centers, theatres, libraries, and more. Access Unlimited won the bid to carry out the survey for the municipality.

A survey, which includes various types of buildings and sites, stimulates several issues that require attention when analyzing data. Each type of structure has different accessibility needs as a function of its use. Data analysis engine and recommendations should produce clearly weighted scores, so decision makers can assess the urgency of changes needed in the structures according to their calling. In addition, the dispersion of different buildings in the city and its neighborhoods requires a reference to all means of access that are used to arrive to the facilities. That means sidewalks and pedestrian pathway, public transportation as well as private car parking places. Thorough comprehension of accessibility standards governing all types of buildings and sites, as well as our data analysis system enabled Access Unlimited to provide simple, clear and coherent accessibility information. In addition, approximate cost for all the changes that are required, in each of the buildings has been provided. The cost assessment was carried out by the Access Unlimited architect specializing in this area is accessible to all.

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Accessibility of public transportation - The municipality of Afula bus stops

Afula , the center of Jezreel valley is a midpoint to the whole region as well as the residents of the city. In recent years, the city experienced development in various areas, which enables it to grant high quality live to its residents.
As part of the State's efforts to promote accessibility to all public services and institutions, various government agencies work in cooperation with local authorities to improve accessibility of public transportation.
The accessibility project is implemented all over the country and is used to make changes that will allow anyone to use the basic-public transport service.
The municipality of Afula chose to perform a preliminary survey that would allow her to explore the best ways to improve the level of accessibility to and within its jurisdiction in that venue of bus stations.
A survey of the accessibility of bus stops for the municipality of Afula was carried out by Access Unlimited. Each element in the bus stations was examined; the ways to access them, as well as the nature of their use. After extensive data collection, data analysis has been done for a number of different disabilities such as limited mobility, vision and hearing impairment. The results were submitted in detailed reports containing recommendations to improve accessibility and estimated costs for priority order. Priority order to operations was made in relating to the overall accessibility of stations at the best and most efficient way, taking into account the costs of changes.

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Maccabi Healthcare Services

Maccabi healthcare Services are one of the leading Health care services in the country, with hundreds of branches and clinics throughout the country. Maccabi serves many customers with different functional difficulties; disease, injury or other difficulty, when searching for health care services; they anticipate a customer friendly, convenient, efficient and accessible service. Access Unlimited has provided Maccabi Healthcare Services assistance in a number of ways which enabled improve accessibility and upgrade their services. Access Unlimited accompanied and the process all the way through.

The work was done in several stages:
Step 1 – Audit of the facility by the Access Unlimited team. A comprehensive audit was carried out in dozens of buildings among them headquarter offices, clinics, dental clinics, and more throughout the country. The survey was used to evaluate the overall accessibility status of the facilities. The data collection was done using measurements as well as checking all related issues that require attention in terms of accessibility to people with different disabilities. An architect of Maccabi healthcare services also accompanied the Access Unlimited team, to learn and understand the needs for planning the required renovations.

Step 2 Analysis of the findings and recommendations: This phase deliverable includes a report that presented all elements which do not meet standards and regulations. The relevant regulations were quoted next to each such element in the findings report. In addition recommendations to improve accessibility referring to each clinic and its environment, including the parking lot and sidewalk were prepared.

Step 3 – Planning: architects from Maccabi Healthcare Services prepared the plans for renovations, based on the audit results. The Access Unlimited professional team assisted the architects by checking and approving the renovation plans of all facilities.

Step 4 – Certification: Upon completion of the renovations, the Access Unlimited professional team together with Maccabi healthcare contractor examined each facility, to verify that the outcome of the renovations meet all requirements. Accessibility certificate was issued.


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Outdoors - Herzliya municipality's gardens

The Municipality of Herzliya understands that the public and cultural city space development contributes to the quality of life and strengthens the connection between community and the town. In recent years, developed City Center, created the Herzliya Park and numerous gardens - green spots scattered throughout the city neighborhoods. The municipality of Herzliya stresses particularly the accessibility issue. Urban accessibility unit was established that works to support the residents with special needs. The unit provides educational and other activities to increase awareness, provides information to residents, coordinates and plans works to improve accessibility, run programs and projects for integrating populations with disabilities into the community and a variety of other services.

Access Unlimited performed accessibility survey of the Herzliya gardens. The municipal gardens are a place where children and adults of all ages enjoy the fresh air, relax, use the playground and fitness facilities, trails and other facilities dotted around the parks.

For each type of site there are various elements need to be emphasized for people with special needs. The purpose of the survey in this case, was to examine the possibility of access to the gardens for all residents of the city, whether it's children, the elderly or people who used a wheelchair.

The Access Unlimited survey results - special detailed, convenient to read reports , allow easy and effective way to make decisions. By managing priorities and objectives, it is possible to best improve accessibility of gardens with costs of the bottommost. Reports allow administrators who are not familiar with accessibility needs, to understand the situation in the gardens. At the same time, provide detailed reports of professional information to planners and architects who will actually be responsible for renovations.

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