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Tourism and recreation are important elements in community culture. The law of equal rights for people with disabilities was created in order to ensure equality in all aspects of life, including tourism and recreation, so they can travel and enjoy entertainment with family and friends as others do.

The only difference is that people with disabilities have some additional needs that affect their choice of sites. These needs must be considered when planning a trip.

We at Access Unlimited specialize in tourism for people with disabilities and offer a range of services; providing information consulting and follow-up for accessibility renovations or planning construction of tourist sites.

In addition, as a service to the community Access Unlimited provides information and consulting to individuals as well as groups of travelers with disabilities.
NEW: On-line Accessible Tours and Tourist Sites Access Information

Access Unlimited has created the most comprehensive database in Israel, one that contains a complete map of the accessibility data of the nation’s tourist and recreation sites. This unique database enables search and presentation of information according to type of disability, choice of area and type of sites. The database is based on Access Unlimited's unique decision support and grading system.

The database includes:

  • Public facilities
  • National parks
  • Nature reserves
  • Holy sites for all religions
  • Museums
  • Accommodations
  • Sport centers
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping centers, and more
The information is updated through a visit of Access Unlimited staff to each site according to the needs and capabilities of the organization. Based on the database Access Unlimited provides information on specific sites and advises on itineraries adapted for people with disabilities. Anyone can receive information free of charge by sending an email request to: or by contacting us by any other means.

Accessibility information is now available on our Web site under the heading "Accessible Tours":
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