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Training in Accessibility awareness for service providers

Providing good service to the client is one of the major building blocks to creating success in any business. It is always easier to provide good service, however, when the business owner is familiar with the characteristics and needs of the client, especially when that client requires special attention for various reasons. One of the main barriers to integration of people with disabilities in society is lack of awareness of professionals and service providers to their specific needs.

At Access Unlimited we believe that increasing public awareness, and especially that of service providers, will improve the service provided as well as result in accepting those who are different and create better conditions to their integration in society.

The Access Unlimited team conducts training programs comprised of lectures, and workshops that create different experiences in order to expand the comprehension of problems caused by various disabilities.

Often the business does not provide appropriate conditions or does not implement the all the accessibility requirements merely due to a lack of understanding of the reasons behind the requirements. As part of its workshops the Access Unlimited team reveals the logic behind the accessibility building codes and suggests ways to overcome some of the problems by adapting the way their service is provided.
The main topics of the workshops are:

  • Understanding the client
  • Each client is a special entity
  • Client-focused service – managing different kinds of clients
  • Learning about those who are “different” – psychology and physiology of disabilities
  • Becoming familiar with the accessibility guidelines
  • What does accessibility mean? Experiential learning through simulation
The training is geared for professionals and professional training institutes such as schools of architecture, construction, accessibility and accessibility services, service providers in the private and public sectors, operators and tourist service staff, including tour guides and tour guide preparation courses, education institutes and youth movements etc., where the awareness of people with disabilities can be enhanced at an early age.

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